COVID-19 Information

During the global Coronavirus pandemic, our practice is taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. We continue to monitor all health alerts and government restrictions and are acting on the advice from the Australian Government and the Department of Health, together with other professional bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why TeleHealth

Telehealth – Where possible we are encouraging patients use telehealth to consult with their preferred GP. Telehealth is a convenient way to have a consultation with a GP in the comfort of your own home. Most Telehealth consultations are by phone and do not require web-cams or specific programs to be downloaded.

Telehealth is good for:

  • Chronic disease management
  • Repeat prescriptions
  • Exploring mental health issues
  • Specialist and Allied health referral letters
  • Discussing general health maintenance.

Telehealth is not suitable for:

  • Conditions where your doctor may need to listen to your heart, or lungs or feel your abdomen
  • Procedures including skin lesion excisions, cervical cancer smears, insertion of contraceptive devices or administering injections.

Your Telehealth consultation is private and confidential unless you choose to have someone participate in the conversation. Telehealth consultations are not recorded and are conducted in the privacy of the doctor’s consulting room.

Do I still need to attend in person for my doctor's appointment?

When you make your appointment with our receptionist, you will be triaged to determine if you need to attend in person or if the reason for your visit can be dealt with over the phone.

If you need to attend in person you will be advised of what precautions you must take.

Social distancing rules apply both in our waiting room and in the consultation with the doctor. We request you adhere to these when attending.

What's new?

For your wellbeing we are minimising the number of patients in the waiting room at any one time.

You may notice a reduction in the number of chairs in the waiting room. This is to reduce the number of patients in the waiting room at any given point in time and also to abide by social distancing requirements.

Our practice is following the advice from the Department of Health and have implemented additional cleaning duties. All frequently touched surfaces (waiting room chairs, door handles, reception desk, EFTPOS machine, doctor rooms) are being cleaned regularly throughout the day with a bleach solution. This precaution is aimed to minimise the risk of transmission of any harmful viruses, moulds, fungus, algae and/or other harmful pathogen.

How to get more information

The National Coronavirus helpline on 1800 020 080 is a great source of information as is the NSW health website:

(Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert)