Fee Schedule

Elden Street Medical pride ourselves to offer high quality healthcare.  Unfortunately due to the current rates of inflation and the lack of funding through Medicare, it is no longer possible to cover the running costs of the practice.

Medicare’s rebate system has been the same amount for consults by our GP since 2013.  

Because of this we have made the decision to change our practice schedule to cover the gap in costs for our practice and decided to change from Bulk Billing to Mixed Billing effective 1 November 2022.  

We will continue to Bulk Bill:

  • Recall appointments
  • All services associated with preventative health (Health Assesments/ Disease Management Care plans)
  • All children under 16
  • All DVA patients
  • All Aboriginal / Indigenous patients – with concession card
  • Medicare Immunisations
Type of Service Cost Medicare Rebate
Standard Consult $85 $41.40
Complex Consult $120 $41.40
New Patient(first consult) $120 $41.40
Skin Check $120 $41.40 / $79.70
Ear Suctioning $120 $41.40
Women’s Health Check $130 $79.70
*(fee for the first visit only – see note below)
Doctor to advise at first consult
Iron Infusion $150 $41.20
Mental Health Review $130 $78.95
Mental Health Care Plan $150 $100.20
RTA Driving Medical $120 $41.20 / $79.70
Out of Consult Scripts $20

We submit Medicare claims online, so you will receive the listed rebate immediately back into your account.

*Note on Biopsy’s: Elden Street Medical may refer you to specialists and other allied health providers, who charge private fees.  Where possible, we will advise you if there will be out of pocket expenses.  It is best for you to check when you make your appointment with the specialist. 


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